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Here's how Nybll grew 4x last year

(While casually snagging some of the world's most prestigious clients.)

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The Client
Say hello to our friends at Nybll.

Nybll is a premium food service for athletes and tech firms in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

They use clean ingredients to help drive peak performance, while striving for zero waste and unbeatable menu variety.

Sona - Account Based Automation

Before Sona
Why did Nybll seek help with their outbound?

Before Sona, Nybll was killing it — already serving 50k+ meals per month to 200+ companies — but they were looking for that next level of growth. They had a solid sales team but felt that they could grow faster if they spent more time selling and less time prospecting.

Nybll’s sales managers and reps were each wasting a portion of their day on admin-related tasks (like deleting duplicate leads, cleaning up spreadsheets, and updating CRMs) that took them out of their deal-closing and strategy-building flows.

They wanted to find a way to delegate all tasks that didn’t involve picking up the phone, talking to potential clients, or optimizing sales conversion.

Sona - Account Based Automation
Joe De Bey

"Nybll grew 4x last year. 50% of our growth came directly from Sona. They've gotten us millions in new revenue from some of the best clients in the world."

- Keven Thibeault - CEO, Nybll

The Sona Difference
How did Nybll scale so rapidly?

Sona helped Nybll zoom in on and reach the target audiences that were most likely to convert — based on granular data including company size, industry, funding, office location, and more. But that was just step one.

Sona also pushed these highly-targeted leads directly into Nybll’s existing outbound campaigns at a regular cadence, to give their reps a never-ending stream of high-quality meetings.

After Sona
An avalanche of growth, with millions in new revenue.

Sona’s smarter prospect sourcing, simplified outbound campaign management, and integration with other sales platforms allowed Nybll’s sales team to focus exclusively on building valuable relationships, closing new accounts, and upgrading existing accounts.

All without having to source or manage leads, deal with incomplete/duplicated lead data, or manually update their CRM (a total game-changer!).

Try Sona for yourself.

Improve sales efficiency with quality lead generation, email personalization, and seamless integration with all of your sales tools.

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