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Targeted lead gen built for Salesforce.

Find your next client with pinpoint precision, without sourcing leads you already have.

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Get clean lead data synced to Salesforce every week.

Sona is the only lead gen platform that suppresses the contacts you already have in Salesforce (and your other sales tools) to automatically source and sync brand new, highly-targeted leads without you having to upload or clean any data.

Sona - Account Based Automation

Intelligent lead sourcing that automatically prevents outbound mistakes.

Our advanced suppression tool allows you to automatically exclude companies when they meet certain criteria in your Salesforce account — like deal stage, deal type, SDR owner, etc. — this makes sure you never accidentally contact a company you’re already talking to.

Joe De Bey

"Switching to Sona easily quadrupled our qualified leads in a few months."


Set it once and it syncs to every platform automatically in real time.

Sona integrates with every sales/marketing platform to keep your lead data always up to date and deduplicated everywhere, without touching a CSV or lifting a finger.

Sona - Account Based Automation

Tightly target the audience that’s most likely to convert for your business.

Use our niche audiences to find your ideal target customers based on their company size, funding, the technology they use, department sizes, and much more.

Sona + Salesforce also integrates with Outreach & PersistIQ.

Salesforce + Outreach + Sona

Sona can push your leads into your sequences to simplify the process of sending personalized sales emails to each of your target personas.

Sona works with nearly every B2B sales and marketing tool, either through native integration or via Zapier.

Try Sona for yourself.

Improve sales efficiency with quality lead generation, email personalization, and seamless integration with all of your sales tools.

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